July - Hikkaduwa Beach Fest

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Commonly referred to as Hikka Fest, Hikkaduwa Beach Fest is one of Sri Lanka's most happening parties. Spread out over 5 days during July/August, the Beach Fest is made up of many events such as kite festivals, DJ parties and ladies' only nights. Attendance by world-renown DJs, famous dancers and musicians draw enormous crowds of locals and foreigners. Organized by many corporate organizations and the Sri Lanka Tourism Board to promote tourism, the event attracts over 10,000 locals and it was reported that 20% of all tourists to Sri Lanka visited the Hikka Beach Fest 2008. The entire festival takes place in the coastal town of Hikkaduwa in the south with untouched beaches, five star accommodation and a multitude of leisure activities. Catered towards all age groups, the different events that make up the festival can be enjoyed by young and middle-aged people alike, even families and grandparents.