March - Hot Air Balloon Festival

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The Hot Air Balloon festival is held in March and gives ballooning enthusiasts a chance to fly over the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, witnessing the beauty of the natural environment. Organized by the Ceylon Airship and Balloon Club, the balloon ride goes around Sigiriya, Hambanthota and Colombo. The attraction of the hot air balloon lies not only in the scenery but also in the art of ballooning; the precision required to adjust the height to the ever-changing winds is a great attraction for disciplined balloonists. The slow pace of the balloon ride also offers a change from the fast pace of airplane or helicopter rides. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts is the uncertainty of exactly where the balloon will land. Nowadays, Hot Air Ballooning is safe as can be, with the balloon itself made of tear and heat-resistant material, and is installed with GPS, fire extinguishers and other contingency measures.