• Wilpattu

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    Travelling 180 kilometres from Colombo, you will find Wilpattu National Park in all its glory, covering a forest span of 1,311,693 hectares; this is one of the largest and oldest parks in the country. Over 60 watering holes or lakes can be found i...

  • Yala

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    All of Sri Lanka's 24 parks are different to one another, being the second largest in Sri Lanka with a wide land area of about 130 hectares; this park was a wild life sanctuary in ancient times and was transformed into Yala National Park in 1938. ...

  • Yapahuwa

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    Situated in the North Western Province 4km away from the town and railway station, the rock fortress of Yapahuwa, a splendid testament left behind from the 13th century. Atop a hill that climbs 200 metres high, the climb highlights masonry of orna...