Experiences in Sri Lanka

The Isle of Sri Lanka is an amazing place. It has an uncountable amount of places that will no doubt stun the visitors. Travelling in Sri Lanka can offer you a different kind of experience. Whether you are an adventurous person, romantic person, photo geek, sports fan, relaxing person, Sri Lanka is still an ideal spot for almost everyone.

With Ceylon Tours, you get a chance to enjoy different kinds of experiences in Sri Lanka irrespective of the type of person you are. Contact with us and we will help you decide what kind of Sri Lanka tour is the best for you based on your preference and personality. This is what defines us from the rest.

Experiences in Sri Lanka RIVER CRUISING
RIVER CRUISING Experiences in Sri Lanka

River cruising has quickly become a very popular outdoor pursuit amongst travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. Setting off on a river cruise and exploring the surrounding environment via a network of waterways is both a unique experience as well as a great way to discover the sights and sounds of the area. Ceylon Tours offers numerous river cruise experiences in Sri Lanka – at various winding rivers and canals that make their way across some of the most spectacular landscapes and scenery that the country has to offer. The most popular sites for river cruising in Sri Lanka include the south

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Experiences in Sri Lanka SAILING
SAILING Experiences in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tours offers incredible sailing experiences that let you glide over Sri Lanka's serene waters and set off into the horizon, using wind elements to guide you along the way. The activity is steadily increasing in popularity in the country and is being taken up by a large number of people both as a sport and as a leisure hobby. Ceylon Tours offers a truly one-of-a-kind sailing experience for both seasoned sailors as well as for beginners – who can learn how to master the art of sailing by controlling boat equipment and navigating its movement. In Sri Lanka, many sailing opportunities

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Experiences in Sri Lanka KITE SURFING
KITE SURFING Experiences in Sri Lanka

Ideal for adventurous outdoor sport enthusiasts, kite surfing provides heaps of fun and excitement for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Kite surfing at an exotic destination is the ultimate rewarding experience, with Sri Lanka offering several excellent spots to choose from. Kalpitiya is the most popular site for kite surfing in Sri Lanka, with the lagoon and its reef and islets providing the ideal kite surfing environment. In addition to the north-western region, quite a few popular kite surfing spots are also available around Negombo – just a short distance away from the coun

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Experiences in Sri Lanka WIND SURFING
WIND SURFING Experiences in Sri Lanka

This exciting watersport perfectly combines the best elements of both sailing and surfing and is immensely popular both ( as) a sport and a recreational activity. It is also one of the most practiced watersports in Sri Lanka, with many wind surfing spots available across the country. The best wind surfing site is arguably Bentota and the west coast – during the months of November to April. In addition to the west coast, the east of the country provides some of the most fantastic wind conditions during July to August – particularly in Trincomalee. The Bolgoda Lake is yet another pop

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Experiences in Sri Lanka SURFING
SURFING Experiences in Sri Lanka

Surfing and riding the ocean's waves has evolved to become an important aspect of popular culture today. Sri Lanka is known for being one of the best surfing destinations in the world and Ceylon Tours offers a wealth of surfing options offering ( can use providing instead of repeating offering) the perfect conditions to catch a wave. The South and East coasts of the country are perhaps the best surfing sites, attracting thousands of surfers from around the world. Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay are typically the more busier and mainstream surfing areas, while other Sri Lankan beaches around Unawatuna

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Experiences in Sri Lanka SNORKELLING
SNORKELLING Experiences in Sri Lanka

Snorkelling with Ceylon Tours is an enthralling way to observe the hidden beauties of Sri Lanka beneath the ocean's surface. It is one of the most popular recreational activities at tropical resort locations since it gives a fascinating glimpse of the region's underwater life in their true natural environment. The activity can be taken up by people of all ages and is an interesting yet relaxing way to learn more about the surrounding marine environment. Sri Lanka is a snorkeller's galore. Numerous snorkelling sites are located in Sri Lanka, home to spectacular coral reefs and exotic marine lif

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Experiences in Sri Lanka FISHING
FISHING Experiences in Sri Lanka

Fishing is an activity that demands many levels of skill and patience. Locating an excellent fishing spot is crucial for a good fishing expedition and Sri Lanka offers a wealth of fishing locations that offer ( can use afford or provide instead of repeating offers )the ideal conditions for fishing several types of fish – including tuna, sailfish, barracuda, mackerel as well as marlin. Hikkaduwa and Kirinda are both excellent fishing sites in Sri Lanka, with adequate facilities and expeditions available at each location to ensure a memorable fishing experience. Fishing experiences in Sri

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