Experiences in Sri Lanka

The Isle of Sri Lanka is an amazing place. It has an uncountable amount of places that will no doubt stun the visitors. Travelling in Sri Lanka can offer you a different kind of experience. Whether you are an adventurous person, romantic person, photo geek, sports fan, relaxing person, Sri Lanka is still an ideal spot for almost everyone.

With Ceylon Tours, you get a chance to enjoy different kinds of experiences in Sri Lanka irrespective of the type of person you are. Contact with us and we will help you decide what kind of Sri Lanka tour is the best for you based on your preference and personality. This is what defines us from the rest.

Experiences in Sri Lanka HORSE RIDING
HORSE RIDING Experiences in Sri Lanka

The true essence of horse riding lies in the sense of freedom and sheer joy that it brings. Ceylon Tours offers a wealth of options that provide travellers an excellent way to explore the outdoors in one of the most graceful of manners possible - atop a horse. There are many sites across Sri Lanka that are ideal for horse riding. Some of the most popular locations include Nuwara Eliya and its wonderfully cool atmosphere, the historical town of Tissamaharama – steeped in years of rich culture and heritage, Kandalama town and its the breathtaking scenery, and the spectacular hill country n

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Experiences in Sri Lanka CYCLING
CYCLING Experiences in Sri Lanka

Cycling comes in many forms. Whether practiced as a recreational activity, as a sport, as part of an exercise routine or simply to get around, cycling is considered to be one of the best types of low impact physical activities to be taken up. In Sri Lanka, cycling also provides an excellent way to explore the country's landscapes. Ceylon Tours offers travellers numerous cycling trails to choose from – each trail offering a unique experience. Cycle your way past lush verdant paddy fields, past historical ruins and places of interest and discover sites of scenic beauty at your own pace. No

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