Welcome to the Paradise

If you were to pass over them from high above, they appear as glitter on a dark blue satin canvas. Take a walk on any of one of its 1192 islands of which 99 are resort islands, you will see nothing but the best beaches in the world;white sands, immaculately crystal clear blue water, swaying palm trees and a calm that is somewhat indigenous to this magnificent peninsula of Maldives. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs which in turn are home to a wide variety of marine wildlife including the whale shark, which is a main attraction for snorkelling enthusiasts.Full of attractions and equipped with a resort for anyone, regardless of requirement and price, the Maldives offers a free visa on arrival to all tourists who are then free to indulge in calm, luxury and intrigue of the Maldives. Scenic views, turquoise reefs, clear blue waters, white sand, peace, swaying palms, warm people, world-class quality resorts – Maldives has it all and awaits you.