June - Poson Poya Day

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Poson Poya Day marks the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka over 2,000 years ago. Buddhism was first introduced to Sri Lanka from India when King Devanampiyatissa met Arahat Mahinda at Mihintale and then decided to spread the religion with his kingdom. At present, Poson Poya Day is the second-most important religious event for Sri Lankan Buddhists – next to only Vesak. During Poson Poya Day, Buddhists flock to temples while some make a trip to visit Anuradhapura – the ancient centre of Buddhism in the country. Other religious observances during Poson include dansals – where free food and drinks are handed out on the streets to the public, sil campaigns, and pandols that light up the streets with beautiful depictions of stories in history. Poson typically falls in the month of June and is a national holiday in Sri Lanka.