September - Arugam Bay Beach Fest

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Arugam Bay is located along the East Coast of Sri Lanka and is listed and recognized as one of the top 10 best surfing points in the world. Uniquely, it is not affected by both monsoons unlike many other coastal areas. The surfing season begins in April and lasts until October; during this time, the festival draws in hordes of local and international participants and spectators of the numerous surfing competitions, such as the extremely popular annual Red Bull Ride My Wave contest. Arugam Bay is suitable for surfers with various skill levels and preferences, with different areas of the beach featuring different waves and structures. Apart from being a global surfing destination, Arugam Bay is also renowned for its nightlife with many annual beach parties and festivals having a very loyal fanbase. However, despite it being a very popular tourist destination, Arugam Bay has preserved its cleanliness and authenticity.