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    Spellbinding Culture
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    Sun Sand and Surf!
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    The Finest of Ceylon
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    Honeymoon in Paradise
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    Romantic Escape

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News & Events

  • January -Whales and Dolphin Watching

    Sri Lanka holds the spotlight for best whale and dolphin watching in the world, on beautiful locations known as Mirissa and Kalpitiya. In the warm ripples of the Indian Ocean, you will be able to s

  • January- Duruthu Perehara

    The Duruthu Perahera is a grand temple procession held to commemorate Lord Buddha's first visit to Sri Lanka about 2500 years ago. It is held every year during the month of Duruthu (January) before

  • February - Butterfly Migration

    Sri Lanka is one of the bio-diversity hot spots in the world that homes approximately 245 species of butterflies, out of which 23 are endemic to the island. Though there are many intriguing animal/

  • February - Adam's Peak Festival

    Located in Sri Lanka’s central region, Adam's Peak mountain is one of Sri Lanka’s most sacred sites, due to the large footprint found at the peak. Different religious legends attach thi

  • February- Gangarama Navam Perehera

    Be ready for the rhythmic dancers, traditional music and the drummers, as the streets of Colombo come alive on the full moon poya day of the Annual 'Navam Perehara'. Most magnificent and colourful

  • February - Fashion Week

    Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) started in 2003 and was aimed at boosting Sri Lanka's fashion industry. Since then, the annual event has been firmly established as an eagerly-awaited event in Sri Lankan

  • March - Maha Sivaratri Festival

    A religious festival celebrated by Hindus across Sri Lanka, Maha Sivaratri Festival is observed in the month of February on the 14th night of the new moon. With its name translating to “Great

  • March - Kandy Film Festival

    The inaugural Kandy International Film Festival (KIFF) was held in 2011 at the Kandy City Centre. The festival takes place over 4 days and features commercial and independent films and documentarie

  • March - Hot Air Balloon Festival

    The Hot Air Balloon festival is held in March and gives ballooning enthusiasts a chance to fly over the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, witnessing the beauty of the natural environment. Organized b

  • April - Sinhala and Tamil New Year

    The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is one of the most significant holidays on the Sri Lankan calendar. Usually celebrated on the 13th or 14th of April, the Sinhala and Tamil New Year marks the beginnin

  • May - Galle Literary Festival

    The Galle Literary Festival is Sri Lanka’s foremost literary festival held annually in January. Founded in 2007, it is an international literary festival held in the historic city of Galle, w

  • May - Galle Music Festival

    The Galle Music Festival is the sister event to the Jaffna Music Festival. The inaugural event was held in 2011 in Jaffna to an audience of over 13,000. Since then, the event has been held for cons

  • May - Wesak Festival

    The Vesak Festival is one of the most important events celebrated by Buddhists around the world. Being both a cultural and religious event in Sri Lanka, Vesak Day marks the birth, enlightenment and

  • June - Snorkelling, Diving and Whale Watching

    Surrounded by the emerald blue waves of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is recognised as one of the best locations to observe Whales and Dolphins from around the world. It's an absolute fascination to

  • June - Sloth Bear Season in Yala and Wasgomuva

    Also commonly referred to as the Stickney bear or labiated bear, sloth bears in Sri Lanka are a subspecies that reside in the country's lush forests. Black in colour and with a thick, heavy c

  • June - Arugam Bay Beach Fest

    Arugam Bay is located along the East Coast of Sri Lanka and is listed and recognized as one of the top 10 best surfing points in the world. Uniquely, it is not affected by both monsoons unlike many

  • June- National Festival Of Kites

    The National Festival of Kites is an exciting annual event held each year to celebrate creative endeavours as well as national unity. The festival is generally held at many locations across the cou

  • June - Poson Festival

    Celebrated on June full moon poya day, Poson festival is the day where Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka preached by the Emperor Asoka's son - Arahant Mahinda in the 3rd century B.C. On this day

  • June - Poson Poya Day

    Poson Poya Day marks the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka over 2,000 years ago. Buddhism was first introduced to Sri Lanka from India when King Devanampiyatissa met Arahat Mahinda at Mihintale

  • July - Hikkaduwa Beach Fest

    Commonly referred to as Hikka Fest, Hikkaduwa Beach Fest is one of Sri Lanka's most happening parties. Spread out over 5 days during July/August, the Beach Fest is made up of many events such as ki

  • July - Negombo Beach Fest

    The Negombo Beach Festival is one of the most exciting beach festivals in Sri Lanka held annually on the western coast of Negombo – about 40 kilometres towards the north of the capital Colomb

  • July - Kataragama Festival

    The Kataragama Festival is the annual Esala full moon festival held in July or August at the Kataragama shrine. The jungle shrine is dedicated to the God Skanda - the Lord Kataragama - and is a pla

  • July - Ramadhan Festival

    Ramadhan is the most prominent festival celebrated by Muslims in Sri Lanka. The much-anticipated fasting month of the year takes place during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar - which is based

  • July - Esala Festival

    The Esala Festival is held annually in Kandy, the hill-capital, during the full moon month of Esala which falls in July/August. Held for the last 200 or so years, it is one of Sri Lanka's most famo

  • August - Kandy Perahera

    The Kandy Perahera is held during the months of July and August every year, to pay homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. The Kandy Perahera is part of the Esala Festival. The Perahera it

  • October - Diwali (Deepavali) Festival

    December - Christmas

    Christmas in Sri Lanka is a joyous event, with the festive atmosphere shared by the entire country. Christmas is celebrated throughout the month of December and the 25th is a public holiday. Sri La

  • March - Jaffna Music Festival

    An initiative of the Sri Lanka-Norway Music Cooperation, the Jaffna Music Festival is one of the biggest music and art festivals in Sri Lanka and is celebrated annually – together with the Ga


A Glimpse of Maldives

Take a walk on any of one of its 1192 islands of which 99 are resort islands, you will see nothing but the best beaches in the world;white sands, immaculately crystal clear blue water, swaying palm trees and a calm that is somewhat indigenous to this magnificent peninsula of Maldives.

Sri Lanka

Welcome to the Paradise

Sri Lanka is a melting pot of diverse cultures, religions, nationalities and personalities. Making your stay in this island full of new discoveries and experiences, that will take your breath away.

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